Hemp Fuel Plastic


Smok Ingspirit

4:24 PM (22 minutes ago)
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———- Forwarded message ———- From: Smok Ingspirit <smokingspirit123@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 3:07 PM Subject: HFP To: smoke ing <smokingspirit123@gmail.com>, bc1900@yahoo.com

HFP Inc.

Hemp-fuel-and plastics

Seeking partnership and/ or mutual beneficial profit generated from the use of hemp plastic manufacturing and distribution, HFP Inc. seeks to broaden the awareness, the profit and savings from hemp fuels and to seize the market with hemp fibers specifically designed for the 3-D printers. HFP Inc. seeks to produce/distill fuels for powering vehicles, seeking to lobby congress for the right to alter peoples carburetors to run on such  fuels (minor adjustment to a vehicle fuel system would be required but the big 3 has made it a criminal offence to alter the fuel systems of consumers vehicles) but nothing about altering your own, we would offer classes and videos on the proper alterations needed, this fuel station would be the sole source of immediate return on ones investment, with the hemp plastic and 3-D products taking a bit more to see a return . Just about anything made out of plastic made from oil can be made out of hemp a far more sustainable, environmental, and superior product, any and all people and products who call them self (GREEN)and who now are buying their good in oil produced plastic would switch from just using recycled products made from oil to recycled products made from hemp. HFP Inc. Not Only GREEN but made from HEMP! Amercian grown, First phase  would be to focus on pot containers that are now made out of oil and transform the market to make these containers out of hemp with an ultimate goal that would not only be a producer of hemp plastics but also a supplier and opening chains of fueling stations If you would be interested in furthering this opportunity please let me know.


Robert Christophel



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